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Great Benefits for Merchants
AblePay is more than just an online payment solution with built in customer privacy. We help you keep track of all affiliates easily and hassle free through our rules-based system. Merchants can review all historical transaction data sortable by merchant selected categories in great depth and simplicity. Your business can pay out affiliates automatically based on when and how you determine. Plus our hold a release technology allows you the security of expected payments.
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True age and identity verification
Verified through Equifax, age and identity are confirmed within a matter of seconds.
Control over credits and chargebacks
Customer disputes decided by you.
Affiliate management tools
Report and monitor historical transaction details. Mass pay vendors or affiliates.
Control over financial reconciliation
Merchants decide schedule based on individual needs.
Increased payback and decreased abandonment
Patent-pending technology holds funds to assist with payback. Privacy and processing efficiency decreases likelihood of abandonment.
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