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Great Benefits for Customers
Customers have the ability to receive additional discounts with merchants simply by using the AblePay solution. We find ways to save merchants money and can pass those savings along to you, the customer, so you receive more value for every dollar spent. After AblePay has verified your age and identification, that information stays with us, allowing you to surf the web and make purchases with complete confidence that your privacy and financial information will not be revealed.
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FDIC insured accounts
Federal government backed protection up to $100,000, through the confidence of eDeposit Bank and Bancorp Bank.
Privacy maintained
Shields customers from divulging confidential financial and banking information to potentially untrusted parties.
Account safety
Gold standard level of encryption.
Interest bearing accounts
Make your money work for you.
Debit / ATM card / Checking
All the benefits of a traditional bank.
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